Zenon (featuring George Young)

by eddie caine

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this record is dedicated to all the females that carry themselves with a certain air, a confidence, an energy, style, vibe that distinguishes them from the norm. the far out ones. the groovy chicks. the girls you meet with a spaceship. Zenon. enjoy.


"I met a girl with a spaceship.. counting stars in the grass, tasting her lipstick, type mystic.. she said pick a planet we can go for a picnic.. optimistic ..it's how how I felt.. designer labels, Orion's belt. Sun dress it stopped at her thighs.. she gotta bring it back before it gotta to rise. gold chains, at least 4 or 5.. pops' army jackets, sleeves oversized.. no surprises I'm assuming.. since you an alien & I'm a human I get a robotic dog when I move in, nvm that you date a NASA crewman we got a union hit Neptune then, smile blooming, when we doing.. Tae Bo on Pluto, I swear the place was warmer than you think.. or maybe I was gone she put something in my drink, cause I ordered white rum & something made it pink.. another drink & I'm moving too soon.. then the cow jumps over the Moon.. you ever seen a supernova do yoga? stretch across the sky, chai tea when it's over.."

(hook sung by George Young)
she said I'm yours tonight..
we can do everything.. don't need a source..
cause all the stars have aligned..
cosmic, cosmic, cosmic girl x2

"now I'm playing in her hair.. I'm wishing on Marilyn, she wishing on Gere.. I wish I may, I wish I might & them Hollywood squares made the night so bright.. see before we started kissing.. I was merely existing.. but now you in my planetary system only thing that's missing is a Son.. but you don't gotta gimme 1 of those, right now it's dinner dates & a couple shows.. Netflix, takeout & you got a rose but I think you the one & you gotta know... yeah, you gotta know.. you look like a model like Jourdan in them Space Jam Jordan's & I'm the new Flash Gordon.. either you Venus or from Venus.. Aphrodite, most likely.. solar flair, girl you shine so brightly in awe of your smile, intimidated slightly.. most likely you visiting Earth, I saw the ray gun you had in your purse.. & I would never call you out of your name but you beautiful & I would hope that you feel the same.. youFO you could never be plain.. in the sky there's your name, it's a star that I hug & your pet comet Mady, you learning how to love.. my idea of an angel, your shuttle is above.. you my link to the galaxy, & the gadgetry with no gravity but I'm falling.. no stalling, pick a ring Jupiter, Saturn I put my all in.."



released March 22, 2013
produced by George Young, background vocals provided by George Young, mixed by Ryo the Crook, mastered by Blue.




eddie caine New York, New York

the perfect blend of artistry & lyricism, eddie caine hailing from upstate New York heavily influenced by the works of such artists as NaS, Ghostface Killah, Biggie & plethora of others reaching far & wide beyond the Hip-Hop community.

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