by eddie caine

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why we argue anyway? oh, I forgot it's sumHER time.. some her. summer. when potential goes sour & the season seems cold it's only right you seek comfort elsewhere.


"my girl ignored me for no reason, somebody tell me when sumHER became the coldest season? & we all know a heart nvr breaks even so I'm popping bottles with strangers at least for the evening ....I'm getting closer to closure, the bartender hit me til my cup runneth over. devil on my shoulder my mans in my ear, said forget abt your ex, peep them honeys over there.. & I was fly I was looking my best, I can tell she was dressed to get addressed in her dress. PO boxes her body was like a zip code 32B 24 36 whoa ...& she finer than fine friends & that's saying a lot because they all 10's. floral pattern, Jordan's a ribbon tied in she gave the zero below to like 5 men.. but she like the way I'm parking lot pimping my old lady left me but I ain't even tripping.. Appleton wishes, West Indian bitches fire set of hips but it's blatant when she switches ...its starting to feel like Houstatlantavegas phone bout to die place my future where her leg is ...& pill popping has its percs no pun intended, I wrote my old thing a text and forgot to send it.."

*Kanye West sample*
"go head & do that on your own, won't pay you any mind." x3.
go head & don that on your own..

"I ordered the jerk she said you are what you eat.. I could picked the vegan meal & that way we nvr meet ..yeah I'm talking slick to them, my mans set the pick again her other friend cockblocked so I had to dish to him .... I'm thinking what a bummer what happens in the summer it stays in the summer. I'm trying to take you home I ain't trying to get your number & no it ain't platonic you don't even gotta wonder whats up? b cups, Solo red cups, a few prescription pills plus a place that we can chill. zigzag skippies & a cheetah print cardigan & every time I try to pay she go to swipe her card again. 40 oz bounce, 7 grams in her fanny pack.. she in her phone texting I snatch it like hand me that.. you in the presence of a Martin Luther King, I can have you out walking if you do another thing.. but your hair in a bun a just cause for sin plus your skin like a butterscotch porcelain. I'm trying to see you standing naked out them shorts you in & yeah I spot a couple points but you up by ten.. you get it? anyway tho let's get you out those play clothes, panties in the collection uk I gotta take those.. threw on Take Care she claiming she one of Drake hoes but I don't really care basically what I say goes.. you shoe use your tongue no strings attached like Rev Run adidas All Day I Dreamt Abt Sex with this diva off patron margaritas her friend ain't wanna leave he .. .. suggest that she come too... penny for my thoughts drop the coins press continue head to another venue where I see you on the menu.. you don't mention my girl & I won't mention yours cause she probably with my brother in the pretzel on the floor.."



released April 16, 2013




eddie caine New York, New York

the perfect blend of artistry & lyricism, eddie caine hailing from upstate New York heavily influenced by the works of such artists as NaS, Ghostface Killah, Biggie & plethora of others reaching far & wide beyond the Hip-Hop community.

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