by eddie caine

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this record here is for the ladies with a heavy heart that just want to drink & forget sometimes. so if your lips bright red but baby got the blues.. this is for you. forget it all soon. patronHeels all wounds


she came to party with a broken heart forget it all soon..
patronHeels all wounds..
plus she kill it in them shoes, her lips bright red but baby got the blues..

I ain't believe in love at 1st sight but she walked past twice/ long black flowing hair reminiscent of the night/ feel like God gather clouds & set them Uptown/ & she just so happen to be on her 2nd round/ she came in all white & her dress type exposing/ a wolf in sheep's clothing her body getting me open/ she lied about her age said she just turned 22/ Aston Martin bumper sticker reads what would Aubrey do?/ so I skipped those lines what's your name? what's your sign? I told her my aspirations/ & how people be hating/ but she don't like rap so she ain't worried where I'm heading/ grooves out to most the Johns: Mayer, Lennon & Legend/ she even made me promise to be good to our daughters/ this was all over drinks think she need another water/ a man-eater, genie in a martini/ picking cats like eenie meenie.. miney moo.. I think she love me but she gotta go..


ah GO Cinderella!! ah GO Cinderella!!
genie in a martini picking cats like eenie meenie miney mo..
now all the cougars & the models please report to the floor! X2

infatuated with chicks that can fit a song by Prince../ like that Garavani dress she slid out of ain't worn since/ we mad love on alpaca rugs that you gotta blot with club/ her personal chef keep asking how the pasta was/ my Aqua 8's by her shoes & her heart/ she cried 40 days 40 nights just to move the arc/ another martyr she cursed by Cupid's daughter, Hedone/ men she claims she never needs them/ but every time she find the perfect she ends up pleading/ a couple shots in its just another reckless evening/ & yeah I'm certain, her smile's merely a curtain/ blush & mascara to mask eras of hurting/ & its working.. at least from where I stand/ until the Devil cuts in like may I have this dance/ it takes 2 to tango I'm enthralled by her guilty feet/ but she sure to go give or take another week..



released May 29, 2013
prod. by Chase n Cash




eddie caine New York, New York

the perfect blend of artistry & lyricism, eddie caine hailing from upstate New York heavily influenced by the works of such artists as NaS, Ghostface Killah, Biggie & plethora of others reaching far & wide beyond the Hip-Hop community.

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